This 122 acre parcel in upper Cripple Creek contains just over one mile of Cripple Creek’s natural channel and one mile of artificial stream channel (Cripple Creek Drain) that was created from historic hydraulic mining. This acquisition conserves the water channels, surrounding wetlands and critical uplands of the Cripple Creek watershed for fish, waterfowl and other wildlife, and for the continued enjoyment of the Fairbanks community. Soils are mostly Chatanika mucky silt loam, and vegetation is mostly white and black spruce and forested/shrub wetlands. Understory plants are very diverse, including blueberries, cloudberries, nagoon berries, fireweed, wild rose, bluebell and irises. Wildlife found in the area include moose, lynx, hares, foxes, porcupines, mink, muskrats, wood frogs, songbirds, and waterbirds.

The property meets four of the nine Land Selection Criteria adopted by the Interior Alaska Land Trust in January 1996.

  • Wetlands, floodplains, or other lands that maintain or enhance water quality

The property contains a section of the drainage ditch and the natural creekbed of Cripple Creek (totaling 2.7 miles). In June 2021, both were flowing with water. The majority of the property is wetlands.

  • Land that contains, or has the potential to contain natural systems of educational or scientific value 

The US Fish & Wildlife service is interested in monitoring fish in upper Cripple Creek, which runs through the property. The area contains possible habitat for salmon and other anadromous fish.

  • Land that is, or has the potential to be used by the public for recreation, including trails

The parcel could be used for winter recreation, and has the potential to include parts of the 100-Mile Trail around Fairbanks.

  • Land that is valuable to a community as open space due to its proximity to developing areas, or its prominent position in how people perceive their community

The area north of the property is heavily developed and used for residential and commercial purposes. The landowner is developing the property north of this project for residential lots. Current and future residents will benefit from proximity to greenspace.