Thank you very much for your interest in helping the Interior Alaska Land Trust.

In order to make best use of your time, please let us know at InteriorAKLandTrust@gmail.com what type of activities you are interested in. Some of these activities can be done at home, some at the Land Trust office, and some require attending committee meetings.

Computer work:

  • Keeping the name/address database current (one hour per week).
  • Updating the web site (five hours or more).

Researching current events of interest to the Land Trust, and reporting to the board:

  • Keeping track of City issues (one hour per week).
  • Keeping track of Borough issues (one hour per week).
  • Keeping in touch with other Alaska land trusts (one hour per week).
  • Keeping track of Land Trust Alliance (one hour per week).


  • Writing, putting together pieces (eight hours, twice per year).
  • Formatting the newsletter (eight hours, twice per year).
  • Mailing newsletter (four hours, twice per year).

Land/Easement work:

  • Join a committee to work on an on-going easement negotiation (one – four hours per week).
  • Visiting existing protected property (two – eight hours, at least once per year).

Committees to work on public policy issues:

  • Wetland development.
  • Trails.
  • Chena Flats Greenbelt project.


  • Any other activities that you would like to do that you think would benefit the Land Trust.