Owen Guthrie, President

photo of Owen Guthrie

Owen is Associate Director for UAF eLearning and has a background in Biology & Wildlife. Born and raised in the woods around Fairbanks, he is strongly interested in seeing Fairbanks sustain its green spaces and unique “city in the boreal forest” nature.  (907) 322-3462 • 1470 Ithaca Rd., Fairbanks, AK, 99709


Martha Raynolds, Treasurer

photo of Tako Raynolds

Martha is a plant biologist with an interest in a variety of ecological issues. She came to Alaska in 1982 and has worked in the Arctic in Alaska, Canada, and Russia. She enjoys cross-country skiing and camping with her family. She was one of the original board members for the Interior Alaska Land Trust and is interested in using private land ownership to further conservation goals. (907) 479-3726 • 1636 Wolverine Lane, Fairbanks, AK, 99707


Brendan LaBelle-Hamer, Vice President

photo of Brendan LaBelle-Hamer

Brendan moved to Alaska in 1980 to attend UAF.  After graduating, he remained in Fairbanks, getting married and raising a family.  As an IALT member for many years, he was always amazed how much the land trust accomplished with what seemed like so few resources.  When asked, he decided to join the board to help continue the mission of conserving lands.




Jennifer Schell, Secretary

photo of Jen Schell

Jen first moved to Fairbanks about nine winters ago after accepting a position in the English Department at UAF. She lives in the beautiful Goldstream Valley with her husband and two dogs and loves recreating outdoors no matter the season. Jen started volunteering with the Land Trust in 2016, and  enjoyed the group and the organization so much that she joined on as a board member in 2017.




Seth Adams, Board Member

photo of Seth AdamsSeth was born and raised in Fairbanks. With an education in biology from UAF and the University of British Columbia, Seth works as a writer and photographer, filling in the gaps with work as a carpenter. In his free time playing outside is the priority: Seth’s primary goal in working with the Land Trust is to resolve trail issues around Fairbanks. Protecting Fairbanks’ complex (and often chaotic) trail network equates to protecting quality of life. (907) 590-5009 • 1212 Denali Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701





Past & Present* Board members

Aaron Cooke

Kayde Kaiser

Frank Foster

Nora Foster (past President)

Merritt Helfferich (past President)

Martha Raynolds* (past President)

Linda Garrett (past President)

Shawna Thiesen

Chena Newman

Larry Knapman

Larry Moen

Carolyn Buckingham

Deborah Horner

Roselynn Ressa (past President)

Mike Stredny

Carolyn Buckingham

Nicole Pearce

Travis Booms

Collin Todd

Alex Prichard

Owen Guthrie* (current President)

Larry Byrne

Greta Myerchin-Tape

Seth Adams*

Sama Winder

Kayde Kaiser*

Jen Schell*

Brendan LaBelle-Hamer*

Carolyn Loeffler*

Aaron Cooke*