Land and Projects

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  • Cripple Creek Restoration Project: Taking place during Spring/Summer 2017-2020; restoring the creek to its historic path.
  • Goldstream Valley Greenbelt Project: Almost 800 acres of conserved lands that border the 2,000-acre Goldstream Public Use Area (GPUA). The proposed Goldstream Valley Greenbelt aims to expand the current Public Use Area, and to connect portions of the GPUA that are not currently connected.
  • Blueberry Preserves: 111 acres owned by the Interior Alaska Land Trust. This property is shrubby wetlands flanking Ballaine Road on the north side of Goldstream Creek. This land provides a beautiful view from Ballaine Road, wildlife habitat, trails and great blueberry picking!
  • Peat Ponds: 25 acres owned by the Interior Alaska Land Trust. This property at the intersection of Sheep Creek Road and Murphy Dome Road was mined for peat. It is now shallow and deep wetlands, providing prime bird habitat in the summer months and great skating in the winter.
  • Central: 70 acres owned by the Interior Alaska Land Trust, just east of the intersection that forms the center of the town of Central. The property has the remnants of the historic Central Roadhouse, and still speaks of the early history of the homesteaders of the area. The land includes beautiful riparian forests of big spruce, birch and poplar trees, scattered with bluegrass and wild-rose meadows. Crooked Creek, a small stream locally known for its fishing, and its potential for flooding, runs through the property.
  • Lower Goldstream: 20 acres of old-growth white spruce forest, under easement to the Interior Alaska Land Trust, donated by Mary Shields. This property in lower Goldstream Valley will be preserved with minimal development, allowing Mary and future landowners to continue to use and maintain the cabin and trails.
  • Chena Hot Springs Road: 340 acres of land under easement, donated by Dr. Edwin Lindig in his will. Thanks to this easement, Dr. Lindig’s family was able to retain the land, which would otherwise have been subdivided to pay estate taxes. The property provides wildlife habitat and wetland values in a rapidly developing part of Fairbanks.
  • Chena Flats Greenbelt Project: Over 500 acres of undeveloped land at the base of Chena Ridge, between Chena Pump Road and Chena Ridge Road has been conserved by this project.