Business Support

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Let your clients know that you care about Alaska’s wild places

Businesses that donate to the Interior Alaska Land Trust convey to their customers that they value Alaska’s wild areas, and that a healthy economy includes a healthy ecosystem. 

Why should you support the Interior Alaska Land Trust?

  • The Interior Alaska Land Trust is an accredited land trust, meeting the highest standards set by the national Land Trust Alliance, and operates throughout interior Alaska north of the Alaska Range.
  • The Interior Alaska Land Trust has hundreds of supporters. Our supporters come from a cross-section of Alaskans who believe conservation will help our state thrive.

How can your business support our work?

  • Unrestricted gifts of cash or securities
  • Event sponsorship
  • In-kind Donations
  • Matching gifts for your employees who support the Interior Alaska Land Trust
  • Gift memberships
  • Project support

What are the benefits of business membership?

  • Promotion of your business in our annual reports and printed newsletter
  • Do good for the world! Your donation will help improve air and water quality in the Fairbanks area, protect more wildlife habitat for rare and threatened species, and improve property values by increasing trail access, preserving the view sheds, and stabilizing ecosystem services. 

All or part of your gift may be deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor.

Thank you so much for the generosity and support of all our business members.

If you are interested in becoming a business member and showing your support for land conservation in Interior Alaska, we can be reached at or 907-322-3462.